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Mullen Consulting, LLC was formed in 2007 to assist taxpayers in resolving property tax disputes and other tax issues. We pride ourselves in taking an ethical and educated approach to resolving tax issues.  Laura Mullen is a Texas licensed CPA and a Texas Senior Property Tax Consultant. She graduated from Texas A&M with a BA in Accounting and Finance. Having worked in both industry and the Big 4, she has over 20 years of property tax consulting experience.

Texas Residential Property Tax Consulting

While the Houston Metro effective ad valorem tax rate fell to it’s lowest in several years, property values increased almost 10% over last year, leaving thousands of homeowners wondering where their promised “tax cut” figured into their tax bill.  Texas homeowners are allowed to protest their market value each year, and fight for a fair and equitable value.  Every property has value, but it’s up to you to ensure that the Appraisal District values it fairly and accurately.

Texas Commercial Property Tax Consulting

Real Property:
As Texas is an annual reappraisal state, the Appraisal District re-assesses property each year.  Any improvement additions or retirements need to be addressed, as well as any construction-in-progress.  The State of Texas provides an exemption for qualifying pollution-control capital investments that may help reduce the market value.

Business Personal Property:
Texas enacted penalties for the failure to file annual business personal property tax renditions.  If a business fails to render, a 10% penalty is automatically applied to the tax bill.  Additionally, a 50% penalty can be assessed.

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